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We will love to hear from you through your articles about website designs and related technology. If your articles are high quality, are free of grammatical or spelling errors, and conform to the following guidelines, we’ll consider publishing them on the Website Designs blog.

What is the best type of blog to submit to Website Designs?

We know that you want high-quality blog posts to improve your online experience with the latest technology and processes. That’s why we value your time.

If you’re interested in featuring your product on our platform, feel free to submit it for consideration. It might be right for our platform if it provides an easy solution for developers, agencies, eCommerce store owners, and other stakeholders.

If you can write on any given topic, keeping our content guidelines in mind, we will gladly publish anything you send.

Website Designs has published several guest posts both to share our thoughts and answer questions you might have. Check them out to better understand what we’re all about:

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All the blogs featured on this page are original content that is meaningful to our readers and optimized for search engines.

Technical Details

Below is a checklist of technical details that should be followed so that your blog passes all the editorial checks:

  • Minimum length: 2000 words
  • Brand links: We allow up to two (02) no-follow links to your brand/product pages.
  • Share your blog’s Google Docs link.
  • Add a minimum of 1 link to a relevant Website Designs blog/services page.
  • Make sure your content is engaging, concise, and well-formatted.
  • Give credible sources backing your facts.
  • Include key takeaways to engage our readers till the end
  • Our editors love content pieces with pointers, steps, relevant images, etc., so take advantage of it.

Here’s what it takes to be a contributor to our blog:

Our three-step process allows you to pitch, accept, and publish guest posts on a blog. With these steps, you can provide value to the readers on our platform.

What to expect?

As a content creator, you should email us about your guest post before submission. To make sure the topic you choose isn’t already covered on the Website Designs blog, it’s essential to have an outline of your article before starting. Once approved, share the Table of Content so we can clearly understand what you’re talking about.

Note: We want to bring value to our readers by publishing genuinely informative articles, which is why we reserve the right to reject blog posts that serve only to get a link.

Pointers to note when you’re writing

Once you and your client have approved the topic and structure for the post, it’s time to write. Ensure your clients are happy with the final article by taking care of these points:

  1. Your content must be a unique piece, it must be original, and it must provide value to the readers.
  2. It must be solely written for our website and must not be already published elsewhere.
  3. If you use a quote from another site, the original author must be given credit.
  4. The maximum length of the guest post is 2000 words.
  5. You can use storytelling because it is an excellent technique to captivate the readers’ attention.
  6. Eliminate any misspellings or grammatical mistakes.
  7. Formatting is essential because the reader will not know what each title is talking about unless it is appropriately formatted.
  8. Be open to the suggestions our editors give you. They’re there to improve and make your writing better.

Once you complete all the above steps

When you’re writing your blog post, take the time to go back and reread your content. Make sure you’ve covered all the points in your Table of Contents.

We recommend keeping your bio at 30 words or less. This should be enough space to include a link to your brand and other details, such as a Twitter handle.

When you send us emails with images, please include them in a folder and attach them as zipped files. Images should be high-quality to ensure we can re-optimize them if necessary.

Most of our queue fills up with posts, so your content might take around 7-10 days before it goes through our editorial process. We reserve the right to edit and amend your post during the review cycle to ensure its readability and clarity. In addition, we can add or remove external links that provide value for our readers.

We love getting content that is unique, informative, and valuable. We eagerly await your feature!

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